Abies Koreana Silberlocke

Korean Fir 

Abies Koreana Silberlocke is a small coniferous tree with cones that are are cylindrical, green ripening to brown, and exude a waxy candle wax like resin.

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Abies Koreana Silberlocke

Korean Fir

Abies Koreana Silberlocke is a small coniferous tree with green leaves that twist outwards and upwards to reveal the a silvery  underside.

Cones are cylindrical, green ripening to brown, and exude a waxy candle wax like resin. Grows slowly to 1.5 m Spread 1.2m.

Full sun. Hardy.


Abies Koreana Silberlocke, also known as Korean fir Silberlocke, is a unique evergreen conifer tree that is native to the high altitudes of Korea. It is a member of the Pinaceae family and is highly sought after by gardeners and landscapers for its striking appearance and adaptability to different growing conditions.

The most distinctive feature of Abies Koreana Silberlocke is its needles. They are a vibrant green color on the top and a silver-blue color on the underside, which gives the tree its name, Silberlocke, which means silver curl in German. The needles are also arranged in a spiral pattern, which adds to the tree’s unique visual appeal.

Abies Koreana Silberlocke is a slow-growing tree, with a conical shape, a narrow base that gradually widens towards the top. The tree also produces cones that are 3-6 inches long, with a dark purple color that matures to brown as they ripen. Whilst it is a slow growing tree, it continues to grow to a respectable height, though it probably never reaches it’s full potential in most Gardens.

One of the most attractive features of Abies Koreana Silberlocke is its adaptability to different growing conditions. It is hardy, and it can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and soil types. The tree prefers well-drained soil that is slightly acidic, but it can also grow in alkaline soil with proper care.

Abies Koreana Silberlocke is also resistant to many common pests and diseases, which makes it a low-maintenance tree that is easy to care for. The tree should be watered regularly during its first few years of growth to help establish its roots, but once established, it can tolerate periods of drought.

Abies Koreana Silberlocke is a popular choice for landscaping and garden design because of its unique appearance and versatility. It can be planted as a specimen tree, used as a focal point in a mixed border, or used to create a natural screen or windbreak. The tree also pairs well with other evergreens, such as Junipers, Spruces, and Pines, to create a visually interesting and cohesive design.

Another benefit of Abies Koreana Silberlocke is that it is a slow-growing tree, which means it does not require frequent pruning or maintenance. It is also a long-lived tree that can survive for up to 100 years or more with proper care, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners and landscapers.

In terms of propagation, Abies Koreana Silberlocke can be propagated through seed or cuttings. Seeds should be collected in the fall and stored in a cool, dry place until the spring, when they can be planted. Cuttings should be taken in the late summer or early fall and should be treated with rooting hormone to promote root growth.

Overall, Abies Koreana Silberlocke is an excellent choice for gardeners and landscapers who are looking for a unique and visually appealing evergreen tree that is adaptable to different growing conditions. Its striking appearance, slow growth rate, and low maintenance requirements make it a popular choice for both residential and commercial landscapes. If you’re considering adding a new evergreen tree to your garden or landscape, Abies Koreana Silberlocke is definitely worth considering.

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