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Woodfields Nursery is a Garden Centre with its roots set in a traditional plant nursery. The unique semi rural location means you can shop and browse in a completely natural and relaxed setting.

Giving you the customer value for money is important to us, with a quality we know you will love. We are nurserymen and growers so we know what “makes plants tick”, and are happy to share our knowledge with you to help you make the right buying decision.

What excites us? Variety, that little something different, and a happy customer!

 So who are we and where did the journey start?

Thank you for taking the time to find out a little about who we are.

The Nursery was started in 1959 by Mr. David Raymond Organ, and Doreen Miriam Organ, with two Nissen huts housing 500 laying hens, supplemented with crops, particularly Runner beans, Peas, Dahlias and Chrysanthemums. All were sold directly to the public and local shops. By 1980, our own shop had been opened in the local village.

These really were the “good old days”, hours were long, but you could run your tractor tied together with baling twine, and employ someone on nothing more than a handshake and a common bond of mutual respect. Stringent regulation was yet to bite.

Since joining the EU in 1973, horticultural businesses, including ours, saw an increase in regulation and competition from imported produce, many highly subsidized. Food crops grown by smaller UK businesses became marginal at best. Competition from the aggressive growth of supermarket chains did not help this situation either.

The rise of direct sales to the public, particularly in the Ornamental sector, proved to be a lifeline for many small businesses including our own.

This was indeed the advent of Garden Centres as we know them today. It was difficult for many growers to make the transition, and some lacked the “people skills” required, but those who did were rewarded. Production of ornamental plants, Shrubs Perennials and Bedding plants sold direct to the public increased during the 1980s along with the associated skills and the Nursery infrastructure required. We invested heavily in this area of our business. Over the following years fasions and fortunes in gardening changed but the nursery stayed true to it’s core values and kept the plant offering at it’s heart. Woodfields Nursery will always be about well grown plants at a competitive price. 

And so here we are today.  As in the early days of plant retailing, the advent of internet sales has given new opportunity and opened up a market otherwise closed to the smaller business. Our business is still family owned, and our expertise is still rooted in the love of growing plants. We are excited and positive for the future of plant retailing and look forward to serving you in this logical development of our business.

The Nursery is currently run by myself (David Organ) and my wife Tracy Organ with the support of a small team of staff ensuring you of at least equal service to that which our customers are already used to. We appreciate that putting trust in an online business can be a bit of a gamble, but things have moved on somewhat.

Secure payment platforms, reliable next day courier service, and an existing track record ensures you can purchase online with complete confidence. We have always committed ourselves to the best service possible.

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