What to expect

Wondering what you will get?

9cm Sample

9cm Plant Sample
9 cm plant ready for dispatch.

2 Litre Sample

2 Litre Plant Sample
2 litre plant ready for dispatch.

3 Litre Sample

3 Litre Plant Sample
3 litre plant ready for dispatch.

Here are three examples of plants awaiting dispatch to give you some idea of what we typically send out. This is a minimum for size ordered. They can be bigger as the crop matures, but always fresh and ready to grow away.

Always, when doing price comparisons remember to check what you are getting.

We do not offer cell or plug plants.

Do bear in mind that some plants may not have leaves on in the Autumn/Winter (deciduous), and some herbaceous plants may go completely dormant (die right back) during the winter. They will though, have a healthy root system and buds waiting to burst in the Spring.

Some plants may have been lightly trimmed or pruned to facilitate packing. This also keeps delivery costs to a realistic level. 

As with all interests you may come across “Jargon” or terms used in the Trade. Please don’t be put off by this, but just avoid confusion here is a short glossary of the most common ones to get you started:-

  • Shrub A woody plant that keeps its top growth above ground
  • Herbaceous A plant that dies away (usually for winter), re growing after a resting period.
  • Perennial A plant that is permanent or returns to growth every year.
  • Deciduous A plant that loses its leaves and takes up a resting period (usually in Autumn), regrowing usually in Spring.
  • Evergreen A plant that retains its foliage all year. Evergreens lose old leaves but the process is seamless.


Please take care when unpacking… and don’t rush, we know you can’t wait to see your new arrivals! We love getting interesting stuff by post ourselves!

If you are unable to unpack immediately place in a sheltered spot out of direct sunlight and in a frost free place.

Unpack within a day, green leaves need light.

You may find canes sticking up out of the plants, these have been added so that should the box happen to have been “inadvertently placed” upside down, they help stop the foliage from getting crushed. We have handles, printing and stickers on our boxes so they should get the hint though. Take the canes out first. Carefully hold the bag or pot and lift out individually. 

If it is a big leafy plant, put the box on it’s side, cut the tape at the bottom of the box, open the bottom, then pull the plant out from the bottom of the box. 

Check to see if they need water, and place in a sheltered spot until planting. If the weather is harsh in Winter we will probably not be sending out plants, but if it unexpectedly turns bitterly cold when they arrive placing fleece over them will help.

Similarly in Summer, we may withhold orders if the weather is exceptionally hot. On arrival place in a shady spot, water well, until ready to plant out.

We can’t say it enough, many thanks for choosing Woodfields Nursery for your plants!

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